tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Referat från Pre Tartan 5k Challenge

Så här lät det på BBC i lördags:

Here they are at the line.

There's no field more talented than the field that is running in the 5,000 meters.

Auf die Platzen.

A very slow pace, Jim.

Sixty-nine-second quarters. A very slow pace.

This kind of slow pace favors the finishers...

like Emma Blomsterberg, Anders Adolfsson...

Where is Hansson? David. Hansson of Nöbbelöv.
- Who?

Hansson's always been a front-runner, but he's way back.

Only six laps to go, Erich.

This is a little dangerous...

even for Ola Stigmar, to let it go this slowly.

This is not good.

If it's so slow, why doesn't Ola just take over?

'Cause then everyone will just draft right behind him.

Leading drains you more than following.

I've never seen Ola do anything but lead.

Go, Ola!

Sixty-seven on that last quarter.

The kickers are licking their chops.

Now Stigmar is moving up.

And Ola Stigmar is going to take the lead.

- One mile to go. - Four laps to go.

Blomsterberg is moving up on the outside.

Here's Blomsterberg going for the lead. This is when Blomsterberg makes her long drive.

This could be the break from the other group.

You have Blomsterberg, Hansson, Jimmie, Adolfsson and Stigmar.

No man at the age of 38 has ever won...

this long, tough and thinking man's race...

the 5,000 meters.

Stigmar is going for the lead again.

Just 600 yards to go, and he's trying an all-out kick.

He knows he can't out-kick Blomsterberg so he's going to sprint 600 yards.

Ola is running a gutsy race. What a kick he's putting on.

It's gonna be a last lap fight.

It seems impossible that Stigmar can out-kick Blomsterberg or Adolfsson.

Blomsterberg is going for the gold!

Anders Adolfsson is right with her.

And so is Ola Stigmar!

The kid is showing all the guts in the world.

He's hanging in there with the kickers.

Stigmar going for the lead with Adolfsson.

Blomsterberg is still there.

We're coming to you live from the Lund Stadium.

Nobody in the world knows how it's going to turn out until they head down the stretch.

Coming to the last turn! Here comes Stigmar. Hansson try to pass Stigmar for the bronze. It's going to be close.

That man is one of the world's greatest runners in a long time.

At the age of 39, Emma Blomsterberg, the running coach from Ängelholm, has won it!

Adolfsson is second, Stigmar third. Hansson comes in in forth.

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